Our Story

Unveil Your Crown, Incorporated is a nonprofit organization with a foundation built upon Christian principles. We value excellence, integrity, and compassion and we are committed to imparting these values into our participants. It is our desire-that above all-the work of our organization glorifies and honors God while also enriching the lives of our participants. We are committed to investing in the lives of young women and helping them to discover and walk in their God-given purpose.

UYC was established on July 15, 2016 by visionary founder, Stephanie Bryant and co-founder, Megan Scroggins.

The organization's name was inspired by visionary founder, Stephanie's, first name which means "crown" and a journey of self-discovery that she embarked on where God's purpose and plan for her life was being revealed to her. She equated this journey of self-discovery to an unveiling process.

Our Mission

To serve as a catalyst that inspires and encourages girls and young women to discover their God-given purpose, connect them with viable resources, and expose them to enrichment activities that foster and promote their growth. 


  • Etiquette training
  • College Tour
  • Creative Writing workshop
  • Cooking classes
  • Nutrition classes 
  • STEM scholarship
  • Financial Literacy
  • Book club